Welcome, adventurers and thrill-seekers alike, to the grand unveiling of GuideR Adventure – an innovative online marketplace that promises to revolutionize the way we explore the world and create unforgettable memories.

I’m beyond excited to introduce you to GuideR Adventure, a passion project close to my heart as the Chief Adventure Officer, Megan Lee.  I want to personally take some time to introduce you to what GuideR is, what means the most to me, and why we hope you choose to travel with us. 

Humble Beginnings

Let me take you on a little journey into why GuideR came to life. I spent the better part of my career in the corporate hustle, climbing the ladder in a Fortune 500 company. Don’t get me wrong—I love the job and the company and still work there as I write this, but there was this persistent feeling that something was missing, that I wasn’t doing what fulfills me. 

My own adventure roots go deep, back to my childhood spent salmon fishing on Lake Ontario. Upstate New York was my second home growing up. 

Fast forward to today, and I’m surrounded by a crew of guides, including my fiancé Jeremy, who is a fly fishing guide on the Delaware River and Western North Carolina, and a bunch of friends rocking it as fishing and rafting guides.

  1. Harnessing positive tourism to drive meaningful conservation efforts. Give back to the recreational areas that give so much to us.  
  2. A company that’s not just about profit, but one that advocates for and provides crucial resources to independent guides and outfitters.
  3. A seamless platform for people of all walks of life to easily find, book, and manage guided trips anywhere. 

Let me delve a little deeper into why I’m so passionate and excited about our mission. 

My Why

Protecting Spaces

Whether we’re gliding through the still waters of a lake in a kayak, soaring high while parasailing, or conquering the heights of a crag through rock climbing, these spaces call upon us to be staunch advocates for their preservation, ensuring their beauty endures for generations to come. Reflect for a moment: do you have that special place etched in your memory, where every visit brings back the fondest memories? Now, consider what you would do to protect it.

Sustainable tourism extends beyond Leave No Trace principles; it’s about channeling your commitment into tangible actions and making a meaningful impact that resonates in the long term. It’s about investing not just money but also passion and dedication into the protection of these spaces that hold the key to our most cherished memories.

People Over Profit

Having worked in Corporate America, I’ve witnessed a recurring trend where private businesses consistently lose opportunities to larger corporate entities. Often, companies and initiatives overlook the unsung heroes—the local guides diligently putting in the hard work day after day, making split-second decisions under the scorching sun, and going the extra mile to ensure their clients’ enjoyment. These guides deserve more than just a passing acknowledgment; they deserve a business that not only offers resources and means but, above all, gives them a voice in the industry.

Adventure Made Easy

In 2022, Jeremy and I decided to embark on a 2-week road trip to Costa Rica. Our goal was to explore off-the-beaten-path locations and immerse ourselves in the country’s beauty from a local’s perspective. Given our passion for fishing, we opted for a Cloud Forest Trout fly fishing trip in San Gerardo de Dota. Jeremy took charge of the booking process, which involved submitting an inquiry form online and engaging in weeks of email exchanges to finalize our trip plans.

Having previously organized trips to the Galapagos, Peru, and Mount Kilimanjaro, I couldn’t help but notice that this intricate booking process was quite common. It’s not just about booking trips; it often entails dealing with visas, permits, licenses, and various other details beyond the basic booking. For someone like me, who prefers not to use travel agents, this process can be time-consuming and complex. Despite the convenience of the internet, planning unique and less touristy experiences still involves a considerable amount of effort and coordination.

So, I thought, if you can basically book a hotel anywhere in the world in one place, why can’t you do that for guided adventures? 

Thank You

So here we are, diving headfirst into the world of GuideR Adventure. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s a community, a movement. Join us, and let’s make every adventure count!

Cheers to your next adventure! 

– Megan